svt99flaske.jpg (277903 bytes) Wine-feast (Saint Vincent Tournante de Bourgogne) January 30. - 31. 1999

Every Year in a weekend around February 1. one of the app. 30 small villages in the Bourgogne district around Chablis is the host of a wine-feast called Saint Vincent Tournante.

The Year of 1999's feast which everyone had great expectations for, was held in the city of Chablis. - It was marvellous how the whole village was dressed for party, parading, and everyone in the village were participating. - And not the least: Wine was served for free in the streets.

svt99laage.jpg (387089 bytes) Notice - all the decorations are made of handmade paperflowers.
svt99byvue.jpg (274147 bytes) A vue over one of the mainstreets
svt99jorden.jpg (268554 bytes) This Decoration is quite obvious: Chablis Wine is poured all over the World
markarbejdere Decorative Field-workers at the front. - And some real field-workers as spectators in the back.
svt99helgen.jpg (281816 bytes) And here he is - the Saint Vincent who is the Saint that keeps his hand over the Wine-growers and their crop.
Festpynt.jpg (208927 bytes) Earlyer Wine-feasts

Here some pictures from the Saint Vincent Tournante in 1994 in the small village: Chichée

Festhuse.jpg (155904 bytes)
Festchab.jpg (61272 bytes) Parades throug the small village: Chemilly sur Serein in 1995.
Festopto.jpg (155411 bytes)