Chablis and personalities

Supplyer and producer: Monsieur Jacques Picq. A very skillfull wineproducer.

Among friends known as Coco.

The older generation - supplyer to cooperative: Monsieur René Michaut.

Has also supplied a room and a bed very often for danish visitors.

The younger generation - they have civil jobs as well. - Family Jacques and Annick Rochereaux - Annick is the daughter of René Michaut.

They have become our close friends. - Unfortunately they, as many other french people, don't speak any other language but french.

Kurt Egon Rasmussen.
A genuine Chablis-expert and Chablis-fan!

And a very good travel-companian!

Kurt knows Chablis more than any other dane, after 20 years regularly visiting and working in the winefields.