The Town Arms of Chablis Chablis a town and a wine district

The Town Arms of the Village Chablis. 2569 citizens according to the village's own public information. It's placed app. 180 km. south-east of Paris on the heading to, and app. 140 km. from Lyon.

The wine-district of Chablis is app. 4000 Hectares large. They produce 4 Chablis wine-classifications, all with the grape: Chardonnay.

  • Chablis Grand Cru - The best, and outstanding celebrity of Quality !
  • Chablis Premier Cru - The excellent quality of very good wines !
  • Chablis - The ordinary, but still normally very good quality
  • Petit Chablis - The approved OK quality from suburb areas

Besides this within the Chablis-area there can also be produced wine of the classification: Appellation Bourgogne. Typically wine with other grapes than Chardonnay (for instance red-wine). And then of-course Vin-de-table (table-wine) and Vin-de-pays (country-wine) and similar "non-classifications". - Vin-mousseux (sparkling-wine) is also produced within Chablis. They just can't call it Champagne, because Chablis is not positioned within the area Champagne.

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    me to see details A view over Chablis Village.
One of the most magnificent places on the Earth!

Right in front of You is lying some of the most famous Grand Cru-wine fields.

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P5250017.jpg (203617 byte) The river Serein is floating right through Chablis Village.
P5250018.jpg (196578 byte) Isn't it a lovely place?
P5250019.jpg (191835 byte) The old buildings - almost like castles beside the river
P5250021.jpg (206131 byte) And the narrow streets - full of atmosphere
P5250023.jpg (199856 byte) And off course - with the wine-fields in the background, it's an amacing scenerie.
P5250024.jpg (191774 byte) What can I say more!?
P5250026.jpg (198341 byte) Just enjoy the looks
P5260144.jpg (199712 byte) And if You enjoy winefields, You have comed to the rigth place.
Klik og se et større billede A map over the district, supplied by the cooperative: La Chablisienne.

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    me to see details A stone on Les Clos with a map of all the Chablis-wine areas.

Notice the color-codes for the Grand Cru and Premier Cru wine areas!

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