Chablis wine

The largest producer in Chablis. - The cooperative: La Chablisienne.

Latest told figure is, that they vinificate app. 60% of all Chablis wine.

But this is actually the foundation for the wine: The growing grapes

Here beautifully shown by my wife: Mona

And the hard work by picking them by hand, like they have done for houndred of years
Yet the technology has arrived at Chablis now as well: Picking-machines.
The grapes is not pressed by feet any more, as they used to be. This is a pressing-machine
The best part in the production: Tasting in the cellar

Here 2 Danes (both Kurt) on the sides, middle left: Monsieur Libero, an Italian that frequently visits Chablis, and in the middle right: Monsieur Michel Michaut, son of Monsieur René Michaut.

And the result: An excellent Chablis 1. Cru-wine.

Supplyer and producer for this one: Monsieur Jacques Picq.

    to see the picture in a larger scale Domaine de Guette Soleil in Chemilly sur Serein. One of the 19 small municipalities within hte Chablis district.

House of Villain frere (Villain brothers): Supplyer and producer of especially sparkling wines. - Believe me: They are excellent!