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Appellation Irancy, a pearl in Bourgogne,
and a neighbour winedistrict to Chablis

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Have You ever experienced the Baptising of a new Winedistrict? - It is an even more thrilling Experience than the Baptising of a small Child.

May 7. 2000 was the Day of the very first French Baptising of a new Winedistrict in the new Millennium. And the Honour and Glory came to a tiny Village: Irancy, in Bourgogne, app. 20 km. from Chablis. From that Day their Wine can be called: Appellation Irancy ControllÚ.

Differing from Chablis that are world-famous for their Whitewine, Irancy produces mainly Redwine, and some RosÚwine too. - And if You were there at May 7. 2000 and equipped with the right Tasting-glass, You could taste almost all the flavour and quality of the different wines. 27 places in the sun- and partydressed Village welcomed You for tasting all of their Wine.

That was after a religious Ceremony in the completely people-packet Church. And a parade though the village with all the honourable Members of the local Wine-boards. Just like it is done in Bourgogne by tradition. And the Wine of Irancy also fulfil Your Expectations to a full flavoured, well bodied Bourgogne Wine.

In particular I must mention the farmer: RenÚ and son: Willy Charriat, located right in the gate of the Village. If You come to Irancy You must visit their cosy Cellar, where RenÚ and his Dutch (and therefore English-speaking) wife: Jacqueline welcome You warmly.

I had the pleasure of spending the great Day with them, and their family. One of my "starmoments" as I call it.

Yours sincerely Tonny Franke Andersen

Irancy - a magnifficent vue over the small valley - Click to see a larger picture

May 7. 2000 - A great day for Irancy - Click to see a larger picture

3 Wine-tourists from Denmark - Click to see a larger picture

Irancy dressed up for the occation - Click to see a larger picture

Lunch at the Charriat terrasse, a day to remember - Click to see a larger picture

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